Spiritual Work needs Spiritual Weapons

Spiritual Work needs Spiritual Weapons

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We should never underestimate the role of praise in the arena of spiritual warfare. A key principle to keep in mind is that praise must always precede the "battle." A good example of this is found in 2 Chronicles 20: 18-22 where we read that King Jehoshaphat sent out the singers ahead of the armies of Judah as they prepared for battle. The people praised God before the battle and He in turn routed the enemy. (Of course, we should praise God during and after the battle also!)

In our work it is always needful for us to praise God before we embark on any new endeavor... to rejoice in the Lord before we see a difficult situation resolved...to thank Him before we experience the victory for which we are praying. Praise expresses trust that God will do as He has promised, even before we experience the outcome.

Over the years, some GRN staff have written praise songs. Often penned during times of deep trial and adversity, these songs affirm utmost trust in God. We still sing them at our prayer times. Despite their simplicity, they make powerful declarations that resonate in the heavenlies that God is still on the throne and that He is working all things together for good. How the enemy must tremble when he hears the praises of God's people. How he must wilt at the sound of rejoicing.

As our GRN teams take the gospel to areas of great spiritual darkness, praise must always be on our lips. Certainly we want to use good equipment for our recording work. We want to make wise plans and use best practices and methods. We need to have good IT to support our computer networks. We want to do good promotional work. But without a strong spirit of praise that flows from hearts passionate about Jesus, none of these things will be able to bring down spiritual strongholds that keep the minds of unreached peoples darkened to the Truth. It takes our spiritual weapons for this.

Praising the Lord continually is not an optional extra. It is a command that goes to our core. Not only will our praises bless the heart of God, but they will create an environment that will inhibit schemes of the enemy, cause his strongholds to crumble and enable the people that he has held in bondage to be free to respond to the proclamation of the gospel-that is if it's available in the language they speak!

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