Friends of GRN

Friends of GRN

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Demonstrating God's love through acts of service and devotion to bless unreached peoples!

Friends of GRN are everyday people who demonstrate the love of God through acts of service and devotion to Him that help the good news get to all peoples. All it takes is a willingness to commit to one or two small tasks for Global Recordings Network on a regular basis. Many people doing one or two jobs each adds up to a whole lot of things getting done for world evangelization. God can use Friends of GRN without regard to age, physical limitations, financial limitations or marital status.

Here are some things that Friends of GRN can do!

  1. Keep your church literature table stocked with GRN brochures and publications. We will send general brochures, periodic mailings in quantities appropriate to your church membership.

  2. Start a Global Recordings Network prayer group. Invite two or more people to meet regularly for prayer. Keep updated through our Together in Prayer, Sounds publications, and internet updates.

  3. Oversee a Babel Table at your church. Arrange for a display area; order cassettes in languages spoken by ethnic people in your area; publicize the resources through your church bulletin, etc.; keep a stock of cassettes on hand or duplicate from masters as needed.

  4. Arrange sponsorship of a new language. Be an activist to encourage your church, Sunday school class or youth group to sponsor the recording of a minority language that costs on average $1,500.

  5. Organize an annual craft sale or yard sale. Get your church, Bible class or youth group to hold a large craft or yard sale; use the profits to fund a GR project.

  6. Show our Global Recordings Network video to your Bible class. Order one from our office and invite groups to view it with you - or loan it around to your friends.

  7. Host a Global Recordings Network mobilizer. We will let you know when our reps will be in your area. You can make arrangements for their meals and housing; also make contacts for meetings, etc.

  8. Be creative! There is a myriad of things you can do that will contribute to the great commission.

We would love for you to be involved! Many of us doing one or two small things on a regular basis will help the gospel go so much further. For more information, please contact us and tell us how you would like to be involved.

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