Esther Morrow

Esther Morrow

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Esther Morrow has been accepted as a GRN USA staff member and is in the process of forming a support team before she starts fulltime with GRN USA in Language Tracking.

GRN: How did you hear about GRN?

Esther: I was interested in learning cartography and spoke with my missions pastor about using Geographic Information Systems in missions. He referred me to Global Mapping International and they referred me to GRN.

GRN: What was it about GRN that made you apply for staff membership?

Esther: I enjoy being at GRN. I enjoy the people and the work and being able to do this work to serve the Lord. It is wonderful to be able to direct this effort toward seeing people come to know Him and to grow in Him.

GRN: What are your current duties?

Esther: I work in Language Tracking. I make maps to support our staff internally and to share our work pictorially with others external to our office at all different levels.

GRN: Do you have any previous experience in the business, professional or academic world?

Esther: I have worked in research at a university for seven years and have taught at the college level for 10 years.

GRN: What is your passion?

Esther: I love the Lord. I enjoy studying the Bible with discipleship in mind. I enjoy sharing the gospel with people, listening to their stories and directing them to Him.

GRN: What do you like most about working at GRN?

Esther: The people and prayer times. I like to share with visitors what we are doing. They get excited about our work and like our maps.

GRN: Do you have a prayer request?

Esther: Please pray that I will have enough support to be able to start full time in January.

We'd like to invite you to join Esther's support team. To keep in touch with her, click here. If you'd like to support her financially, click here.

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