W3 Strengthens Christian Youth Of Chiang Mai

W3 Strengthens Christian Youth Of Chiang Mai

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Worship, Word and Wonders (W3), a ministry to Christian youth in Chiang Mai, hosted the "Fragrance Seminar," which focused on the assurance of salvation and discipleship, at First Church Chiang Mai last month. In addition, a special training session for seminar leaders was held prior to the event, led by Youth For Christ.

"Many know about the Lord, but are not sure of salvation," said Joy, a W3 leader. "Only when they are sure they belong to Christ can they learn how to live for Christ daily and share Him with others."

Referring to the seminar theme taken from 2 Corinthians 2:14, guest speaker Joshua Bak said, "A fake flower gives off no fragrance. Even those in hell remember their unsaved relatives according to Luke 16:19-31. So much more should we witness to our relatives and neighbors."

W3 continues to meet every Friday night for worship at Chiang Mai's First Church, as well as other locations.

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