موضع الحديث

مدونات يوجد بداخلها معلومات وأراء شخصية من أعضاء GRN حول العالم

No better place to be

Dave Hughes - Tuesday 02 February 2016

I have the privilege of often being the first person spoken to by those considering some staff or volunteer involvement with GRN Australia.

God works in many different ways in peoples lives, and it's a privilege being a part of their journey.

At GRN our philosophy is to pray with them that God will make his way clear. We only want them in GRN if it's clear both to them and us that this is the place that God wants them to be.

This is quite freeing. There is no pressure from us, but rather we are there partner with and assist them in their decision making.

And God's makes his will clear in many different ways. For some God seems to call them into GRN very clearly. But for others, like myself, there isn't that clear voice. For me it was more of a fit with the things that he had put on my heart, as well as the match of my gifts and experience with the needs of GRN.

However it comes about, for those wondering about what's next, and whether missions work or GRN may be a part of it, we pray that you will seek and find where God wants you to be. There is no better place to be.