Recording Snapshots 2

Recording Snapshots 2

هذه الصفحة غير متوفرة حاليا باللغة الانجليزية.
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from Kim Knight in the Solomon Islands

Last month we left KIM KNIGHT waiting to complete recordings in a remote village in the Solomon Islands while the local language helpers prepared for a funeral (not Kim's, fortunately!).

Kim continues ... "The funeral of the old lady was a very touching experience. As much as it was a joy to share with these people in their laughter, it was also a privilege to join with them in their grief.

In theory, the people are now free to help us with our work. However it is now Sunday, and a day set aside as a memorial day for two old men from Ninive who died a couple of weeks ago. ... The all important feast, began at about 4:30 pm and finished with more speeches at 6 pm. It was an important day; the men had both given a lot in serving the Lord in this area and it was appropriate to recognise them for their faithfulness and obedience to Him.

Now it is Monday and what about our recording work? Well, some of those who had promised to help us have left and gone back to their places of work, but some keen younger men have been working faithfully and we have recorded half of the Good News and some songs. But time is running out. I feel tired and Jones is disappointed in the lack of support here. It would be very easy just to pack up and leave. However, these people more than any others, need to have the Truth recorded in their own language. We have to stick it out. The church has been here since 1915 but there are no resources in the local language; no Bible, no teaching materials and very few qualified men of God. There is much division, argument, false teaching and fear. Hence, our keen desire to see our work completed ...

Praise the Lord! We finished the Good News, the checking and the corrections and then we recorded a couple more songs and clambered into the dinghy to return to Seghe. A night in Seghe, a night in Honiara then next day to Sydney - however, the flight from Honiara was late so I missed my connection! ...

I am thankful to be back with my family and to know that the VANGUNU people will now have the Good News and the Words of Life to help them understand the truth about the Lord Jesus. Please pray for them, that He would use our recordings to give them a spirit of unity, of love and grace and that Christ will be glorified in their midst."

More Snapshots

from Sybil Shaw in Papua New Guinea

SYBIL SHAW wrote, "We have seen God faithful to His promises in many areas during my recording trip in April and May ...

* Great companions on the trip - PNG sisters, Diane, for 2 weeks, then Christine and Merea.

* The elementary teachers in the AMOLI and SINAKI speaking areas closed their schools for two days to do the translation and recording work as they believed we were providing important literacy materials the children could use to learn to read and write in their mother tongue.

* Seeing up to 15 people in each language, helping and owning the project and excited about having cassettes in their mother tongue.

* Ruth, the DAWAWA speaking mother of a toddler and twin babies, who walked a day from her mountain village with her children to read the stories of Jacob and Joseph for the recording.

* Copland and Jeno's ability to check the 15 DAWAWA speakers, to make sure their readings were accurate and meaningful.

* Spending a night in Awayama village (not quite knowing why we were there) to discover the elementary teacher's wife had had a dream in which a white person came with some good things, which they saw as the 7 cassettes in the TAWALA language and Bible picture charts that can be used for Christian education!

* Pastor Richard and Butler are preparing the way for our 'Wokabaut' distribution program in December."

Now Sybil is with her husband Alex in Mexico, helping with a recordist training upgrade course.

These 'snap shots' show you something of the life of a Recordist on foreign assignment. It's demanding work, but backed with prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit of God, it will surely reap great rewards for eternity.

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